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Year: 2018

Kevan Ronald Lowe

Kevan Ronald Lowe. Born in Cohuna NSW 8 February 1930. Starting in transport at a age waging school and working for the local transport carrier loading and unloading his trucks and delivering freight via the back roads of town. The local policeman had been watching all this and one day pulled Kevan over, where's your licence. I don't have one was the reply come down to the police station Saturday with one of your Mums famous cooked chickens which he did his age was put up a year and now he could drive down the main street of town soon after Kevan was carting logs out of the Bush to the family saw mill in Moulamein. Then a short stint in Tasmania at his uncles sawmills carting logs also. Then back to Moulamein carting logs and also rice and wool and general freight around the area. Married in 1949 to Lavina Tyrer moving to Melbourne and buying a tip truck for a while. Then going interstate. Separating in 1955 Kevan went back to local buying a concrete agitator. But missing interstate Melb, Syd, Bris he put the a driver in agitator and back on the Highway he went carting fowler ware, tyres, fruit and expanding with more trucks and subbing to Halls Van Lines as well marrying Margaret Brennan in 1967. In 1971 back to one truck and close to home brought a new White 4000 and Hiab Brick crane and put it on a purpose built trailer and worked it for the next 4 years but in 1975 he ordered a new White Road commander and returned working for Hall's Van Lines running Melb, Syd, Bris, and occasionally across to Adelaide in 1979 he got the fowler ware contract back so he ordered a new White Road commander Se9 which was Truck of the Show at 1979 Truck and Bus Show at Sandown Vic. Kevan worked this truck to the day he died. 7/1/95. Kevan had 2 sons Rick and Terry.

The White Road commander is still in the family and is seen at a few Truck shows still today

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