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Year: 2018

Terrence John HolmesTerry began driving trucks at around 16 years of age in Coleraine in Victoria's Western Districts. When Terry officially applied for his licence in 1964 at the age of 18, the local policeman said no good testing you, you've already had plenty of driving experience'.

Terry's first paid job was in the livestock transport sector. He commenced with McNamara's Transport carting livestock in 1964 driving an AA International 180.

Terry's driving career then moved further afield where he drove for Western Murray fruit supply carting fruit out of Mildura to Portland. Driving an International R190.

He then went back to carting stock, both locally and interstate. Driving for Bruce Marks Transport, Peaches Transport and English Transports. Behind the wheel of International Acco's, Comer Knockers and Atkinson's.

Terry then bought his first truck in 1970 a Fiat 683 and commenced a career as a subcontractor. His first contract was with English Transports of Hamilton Victoria carting livestock. He then sub-contracted for 12 months with East Coast carting general freight interstate in the Fiat 683 during a quiet time in the stock industry.

In 1975 Terry sold the Fiat and bought a UD and continued subcontracting with English Transport, carting stock all over south eastern Australia. Then in 1979 Terry bought a Mack cab over FIR700 and subcontracted with Cains Refrigerated Transport working interstate.

In 1985 an opportunity opened up to move into the fuel industry. He kept the Mack and sub-contracted with Trans-West carting fuel intrastate for Caltex out of the Portland terminal. During this time he updated to a new Mack R600

When Trans-West lost the Caltex contract he sold the truck and went to work with Roger Perry Transport. He spent 19 years carting fuel in the Wimmera & Western Districts of Victoria. In this time he drove a Kenworth W900, a Ford LTL and several K Model Kenworth's.

He then moved to Robco Petroleum driving a Western Star. Robco was bought out by Refuelling Solutions in 2012 and Terry continued on. Here he drove a Western Star, a Volvo, a Scania and a Kenworth.

Terry retired in late 2017 with approximately 8.2 million km and a clean driving record demerit points intact! (Excluding one overloading infringement in the late 1970s).

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