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Year: 2018

Alan & Joan Haylock,

Alan John William Haylock (Bill) commenced Emerald carrying company operations in 1965 alongside his wife Joan Ann Haylock. From humble beginnings it began it began as a small business delivering General Freight within the Emerald region off local rail. Over the years the Haylock family has managed to build the fleet we see on the road today to an impressive 80 trucks, 4 depots and 200 staff.

In 1994 Emerald carrying Co added a new dimension to their general freight operation specializing in bulk liquid haulage. The high standard of service they delivered soon seen massive expansions with depots in Mackay Gracemere, Linton, and Townsville. Emerald carrying co has an excellent stance in the transport industry and their equipment is held to the utmost respect within the industry as their trucks are regarded as some of the best looking rigs on the road.

It goes without saying safety comes first. It has been such an important element to the success of the business. It is of such importance that most of the trucks are named accordingly. Safe has been part of the truck name sign written on the side of the bonnet for years. PRIDE, CARE, RESPECT & EXCELLENCE are the reason Emerald Carrying Co is what it is today and it all started as a key principal Bill Haylock put in place years ago. The business ethics that were put in place in 1965 and handed down through the generations are the essence of the Emerald Carrying Co business today and why it stands so strong.

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