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Year: 2018

Steve was born in Narrabri NSW on 13th April 1971. He was the tenth child born into a family of 13 children of Mary and Lex Gordon. From a young age Steve was shown trucks and loved being around them. Often his father would take the boys with him travelling away for work. They made beds under the trailers and they would camp for the night. Steve learnt to drive road trains travelling with his older brothers mainly to Mt Isa and Darwin

By the age of 15 Steve left school to begin working for the family business, Gordon Roadways. For many years Steve would drive trucks using his older brother's license, as he was too young for his own.

When the time finally came for Steve to go sit the test for his own license, he was off to a running start by reversing over the stobie pole in front of the registry office, it took him a couple of goes to get his license.

Many years passed of Steve carting wheat & cotton seed in road-train tippers and steel and flour on flat top trailers around the country, driving the same roads back and forth. Occasionally he would travel to Adelaide with flour; this was where he met his future wife, Kylie. Soon after they were married and began a family having two daughters, Kimberlee and Abbey.

Steve continued to drive trucks for his father based in Narrabri NSW. In 2001 Steve took ownership of his first truck, a Transtar 4670 with a 400HP Cummins.

At the end of 2001; Steve, Kylie, Kimberlee and Abbey moved to Adelaide. Here, Steve continued to operate his own truck subcontracting for larger companies, including a company called Toll Global Logistics where he has continued to sub-contract for the past 16 years.

In 2011 Steve bought his latest truck, a Freightliner Argosy, with a 600hp Cummins Signature engine, which he bought from his father. There has been a few times between 2011 and 2016 when work was not so plentiful in Adelaide; so to provide for his family, he headed back home to Narrabri work the wheat harvest for his father Lex Gordon..

Today, Steve is still working for Toll in Adelaide and is still driving the Freightliner Argosy. With over 30 years of driving trucks, Steve is an asset to the trucking industry and is a hard working husband and father.

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