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Year: 2018

Phillip Lucky Phill Golding was born on June 27, 1958 in the small farming town of Ardrossan, South Australia. His truck driving career began when he got his truck licence at 18, whilst working at Bourne Engineering. He started off two-up driving with the Boss' son, Austin Bourne, delivering agricultural equipment across Australia. One of the highlights of that period was driving the truck around Mount Panorama at night.

His least memorable truck driving job was a few years later when he was carting bagged salt from the Saltworks at Price, South Australia to a railhead where he had to load the salt into railcars by hand. Needless to say, he didn't stay in that job for long.

In 1981, Phillip married and relocated to Western Australia. In 1991, he got a job driving triple road trains for Little Industries carting nickel ore from various mine sites into the Kambalda Nickel Pad. In the mid 1990's one of his lifelong dreams became a reality when he and his wife Gloria purchased their first truck, a Ford LTL. Working as a sub-contractor to Brambles he began carting general freight from the WMC Main Store to various mines around Kambalda.

This truck was only single rated, therefore it was soon upgraded to a Ford LTL 9000 Mr Midnight; thus beginning the Midnight series. In the early 2000's Phillip purchased After Midnight a Kenworth T950. His current truck Just Midnight is a Kenworth T904.

For a few years he was working as a sub-contractor of Centurion based in Kalgoorlie. He started his time there carting general freight to mines north of Kalgoorlie and at the end was only carting cyanide. During this time, like most truck drivers, he spent a lot of time on the road and away from home.

In the early 2000's he returned to Little Industries as a sub-contractor. He tows up to a B-Double configuration carting mainly road base, sand or rail ballast. He can be seen on the Western Australian highways as far west as Southern Cross, as far east as Mundrabilla, as far north as Wiluna, and as far south as Esperance.

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