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Year: 2018

Geoffrey Noel Clark was born in Hobart on 22 May 1938, from an early age he was destined for the trucking industry. His early life was spent living at Lake St Clare in the central highlands of Tasmania where his father had 3 trucks contracting for the Hydro. Upon leaving school Geoff began a motor mechanic apprenticeship but spent weekends and holidays driving trucks, pot holing logging roads and carting timber logs to the family sawmill and timber to the timber yards. Geoff eventually gave the mechanic role away and commenced driving a truck providing a daily service from Bronte Park to Hobart and returning with general freight for the Hydro, private parcels, furniture whatever residents required. After this daily run Geoff would head to Macquarie Plains where he would load 10 ton of bagged cement by hand which he transported to Strathgordon to build the Gordan Hydro scheme often returning home around midnight only to be up early to do it all again.

When the Tasman Bridge went down Geoff carted much needed timber from Bronte Park to Selfs Point for construction of the Bailey bridge to once again link Hobart Eastern and Western shores.

Geoff spent over 27 years faithfully servicing the Hydro villages between Hobart and Tarraleah- amassing over 3 million kilometers. He delivered bread milk, groceries, meat and general supplies including up to 7500 bottles of beer a week in the peak times. He had 3 trucks a 60 model inter AA164, a 71 Acco and lastly a faithful 81 Isuzu ISR which clocked up 1.1 million kilometers without a hint of trouble, With the demise of Hydro towns Geoff was forced to change track, he spent a couple of years driving at night delivering Mercury newspapers to either North, East or West coast of Tasmania. He then found a new passion in tip trucks which he contracted with Combined Tippers. His first truck was (Little Louie) a Ford Louieville with a cat motor 3208 Then in late 2000he took delivery of his beloved S line 'The Last One' which he eventually sold in 2011. Geoff then moved into retirement and now spends his days in a Toyota Ute running errands, collecting parts and supporting his great mates at Denny Mechanical.

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