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Year: 2015

Warren Carpenter The Highway Man

Inducted into the Rimula Hall of Fame at ReUnion 2015

Warren Carpenter was born on the 20th April 1949 in Lakemba, New South Wales. He is known along the roads and routes he travelled, and by his mates as ‘The Highway Man’. Warren started his driving career in 1970 when he took a job driving an eight tonne tray truck for Holyman Transport in Sydney. After getting his licence for a semi trailer Warren swapped to interstate haulage and drove a car carrier between Sydney and Adelaide for two years. 

Warren moved to South Australia in 1973 and started working for McCormack Freight Lines, carting sheep and general freight all around South and Western Australia. Legend has it that if a truckie could cross the paddock (the Nullarbor) over 1000 kilometres of corrugations and fine powder like bulldust that penetrated every inch of the truck and its load, he could handle anything. After that Warren started working for Rick Cobby Haulage, running linehaul to all states carrying general freight.

In 1979 Warren was offered a job for Booth Transport in 1979. He went on to spend over 34 years working for Booth Transport. He recalls it as “a great experience” for him as it was a family company and he was a family man. Warren drove all over Australia carting bulk and bottled wine and general freight, he also carted dangerous goods around Australia in tankers. He retired in 2013. 

After spending 43 years in the trucking industry Warren and his partner Helen, bought themselves a caravan and decided to travel around Australia, with and their beloved dog, to see all the sights Warren never got to stop and see over the years he was driving trucks. 

Warren Carpenter has contributed much to the trucking industry in Australia over his 43 years on the road. He has earned his place on the Wall of Fame.

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