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Year: 2015

Keith Cameron: driver for 47 years.

Inducted into the Rimula Hall of Fame at ReUnion 2015

Keith Cameron had been a truck driver for 47 years starting in 1948 and continuing until he retired in 1995 at the age of 72. He was at this stage still driving a semi fuel tanker for S.Sali & Sons in Shepparton, Victoria. 
When his career started in 1948, Keith drove a rigid Federal truck picking up milk cans from farms for the Stanhope Dairy Company in Victoria, Goulburn Valley Region. In 1952 he bought his own truck, a 1942 Dodge Rigid and made it into a prime mover. He purchased a flat top semi trailer to cart wheat. In those days wheat was in bags and loaded by hand directly out of the paddocks; tomatoes were also included and he carried these to Melbourne. 

In 1956 he sold his truck and returned to the Stanhope Dairy Company. Keith then drove a 1950 model Ford semi-trailer carting cheese to Melbourne. There were also trips to the city of Adelaide where Keith would pick up equipment for the factory. 

In 1960 Keith began transporting livestock throughout the states of Victoria and New South Wales. He enjoyed carrying stock in these early years.
Keith decided to buy his own truck and become an owner driver again; so in 1979 he purchased a MAN semi-trailer and began sub-contracting to Neils Transport of Echuca in Victoria. This was not one of Keith’s most successful ventures and he chose to sell the truck. 

In 1980 he started driving a fuel tanker which was one of a fleet of Mack trucks owned by Geoff Tracy of “Total Tracy” in Shepparton. Keith was now carting fuel all over Victoria and New South Wales. This work he did for three years. 

In 1983 Keith, now nicknamed Cammo, was driving an International S Line semi fuel tanker for S Sali & Sons of Shepparton, once again carting fuel throughout Victoria and New South Wales. 

He regards his best driving jobs as the years carting fuel and also the earlier days carting stock.

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