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Year: 2015

Inducted into the Rimula Hall of Fame at ReUnion 2015

Graham Boxer, known as 'Boxer' was born in Melbourne in 1943 and began working in the transport industry as a mechanical for local owner-drivers in Preston 1967. He purchased his first prime mover, a Dodge cabover 1016 and started as an owner driver contracting for Melbourne transport companies. He later upgraded to an International Loadstar.

In 1976 Graham purchased an Oshkosh with which to work on the gas pipeline out of Cobar, New South Wales but as his parents were ill he was unable to fulfill this dream. Graham went to work for Alltrans but proved too large for local work so he purchased a timber jinker and logged out of King Lake and Mansfield until on a narrow dirt road with an on coming truck, the Oshkosh rolled over the side. Thankfully Graham only had a couple of cracked ribs but the Oshkosh was severely damaged. With Graham's mechanical background and the help of his mates the truck was restored. Slim Dusty's famous song 'Lights on the Hill' was very appropriate at the time.

In 1978 Graham purchased an R model Mack and he began subcontracting for Mayne Nickless Fluid Freight Division hauling tanks. He upgraded to a Mack Superliner and moved to CC Stockfeed delivering to farms in Gippsland. The Superliner was sold and replaced with three Mack cab overs. At this time he had a depot at Slough estate, Altona transporting coca cola from Melbourne to Tasmania. He also contracted to CIG to deliver CO2 to eastern suburbs pubs.

In 1989 Graham sold to Townsend Deliveries after which he was employed for 7 years as a forklift driver for CL Jenkins. In 1996, trading as Graham Boxer Transport Pty Ltd, he purchased a Mack Valueliner in collaboration with JD & MR Randall and transported coca cola to Melbourne wharf, and then going onto Tasmania. Graham refurbished two trailers creating a B-Double.

As the company expanded two Mack Superliners, a Mack CH and a R-model Mack was purchased. In 2019 the trucks were sold. Graham commenced driving for Highland Haulage Melbourne Depot. He retired at 70 but still works part time in the depot and has a Ford O/D Pilot Vehicle. Trucking is Graham's passion and he still enjoys it in his holidays around Australia.

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