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Year: 2014

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Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2014.

Robert William Brown was born in Jamestown in the mid north of South Australia in 1948. There was no history of road transport in Roberts' family, but from a young age Robert had harboured an interest in all things mechanical. His appreciation of machinery really began when he started an apprenticeship as a fitter & turner at Angus Engineering in Adelaide. He soon became involved in general vehicle repairs including the reconditioning of engines

Robert went on to work on heavy plant and equipment and his extensive knowledge in this field led to him taking up a job with Brambles Crane Services in 1974. In 1978 he became an employee of Consolidated Crane Hire later known as Brimco Crane Service which was part of the well known and iconic Radford Group in Wingfield, South Australia.

Robert Brown remained an employee of the Radford Group right until 2007 when it was sold out to the McAleese Transport Group. During his time with Consolidated Crane Services Robert was a valued staff member and was entrusted with purchasing new plant and equipment including large low loaders, platform trailers and specially built prime movers with large tonnage carrying capacity upwards to 150 tonnes. He was an expert in this field.

Robert also played a very active role in the industry in which he worked. Over the years he has served as president of the South Australia Crane Association and served on the committee of the Crane Industry Council. Robert's dedication to the cause has been instrumental in obtaining better conditions for cranes. Robert has attended industry forums at Parliament House to further improve travel patterns for oversize cranes and transport. After the sale of the business Robert continued working with the McAleese Group and lobbying for better conditions for the crane transport industry until his recent retirement.

Brownie retired due to ill health. He is currently rehabilitating from a bout with the dreaded Cancer- and he is the winner!

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