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Year: 2014

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Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2014.

William Denzil Jones is known throughout the trucking industry known as Danny. He started driving in a J6 Bedford and later a 7 Series Dodge tray body truck for Bill and Noel Collins who were general carriers and an Ampol fuel agent. Danny carted fuel from Wodonga to Leeton.

Danny was a natural with mechanics. He was a self taught detailer and would re-adjust braking systems on both trailers and prime movers to ensure maximum safety. Over the weekends he would do the cleaning, polishing, servicing and maintaining of his truck and trailer. His truck was always immaculate. In 1967 Noel Collins sold the transport business to EC Phillips Transport of Shepparton and Danny went with the sale driving a Mercedes Benz until 1977. When Phillips decided to leave Leeton, the business went to the Leeton Steel Works. Danny then worked for Broso Potatoes and later joined 'Quelch' an orange juice factory that had commenced in Leeton processing local oranges from around the Leeton area. Danny was employed to control the transportation of fruit juice in and out of the Leeton area. Danny, known for being trustworthy and honest, treated Quelch as if it was his own business.

The freight varied and Danny would often do individual drops to customers throughout the Riverina and Western Districts, with the majority of full loads going to major warehouses in Melbourne, Sydney or Adelaide. After many years Quelch sold its truck and freight service to a local transport company Prestons. Danny was then employed by them.

Danny Jones' driving ability and his dedication and friendship to the people he works is exemplary. His approach to the cleanliness and hygiene of his truck and trailer has been the envy of many drivers for a number of years. It is a trait he has carried with him since he first drove that J6 Bedford as a teenager. Although he is meticulous about his routine and the presentation of his vehicle, Danny is also always the first one to make time for people who need help and support especially for his mates in the transport industry.

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