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Year: 2014

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Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2014.

Les Hoiles was born in 1940 in Swan Hill,Victoria. The fami- ly lived in Nyahwest where his father drove a small Chevolet truck carting 'plonk' grapes and fuel and farming machinery around the local district. This is when Les first got a taste for driving trucks and decided they would be his future. Les then started driving for Polly Rassmussen from Goodnight, driving a J6 Beford carting fruit to the markets. He later graduated to a 180 International which he drove for eightyears. After that he drove the first diesel AB 184 powered by a GM471.

In 1965 Les started driving for Corridan's Transport in an R190 powered by a 653 GM. Les carted produce to the markets and then backloaded with general. He then went on to drive a MAN for awhile. By 1975 Les wasa driving a K 125 Kenworth for Corridan. The call of the road was strong and Les decid- ed to purchase it. He went on to own it for 15 years carting all sorts of general freight to all states of Australia except the Northern Territory. Les sold it in 1990 and went driving for Rod James of Sea Lake, in an SAR Kenworth for 12 months.

Les then decided to work closer to home so he could spend some time with family and subsequently, in 1988 went to drive for Len Saul who was a sub-contractor for Lake Boga Transport in Swan Hill. Les did general carting there until 1997 when he unfortunately suffered a stroke and his driving career came to a sudden and unexpected halt.

Les Hoiles was a truck driver who drove for 39 years mainly on interstate work, and was considered to be one of the saf- est and law-abiding drivers of his time. In that time he made many friends all over Australia. Les was a gentlemen of the highway and served as mentor to many drivers including his cousin Ken. His family is very proud of his achievements and his induction into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame.




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