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Year: 2014

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Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2014.

In 1948, at just 17, Carl Gough climbed behind the steering wheel of an ex-army 6 wheel Austin and started driving for VO Whiting and Sons Transport. For almost 50 years Carl, or 'Knocker' as he is best known, drove trucks across the length and breadth of Australia. His entire working life was spent with VO Whiting and Sons. He became a partner in the business in 1965.

Born in Broken Hill, NSW, Carl spent his early years on Netaly and Warraweena stations before moving to Port Augusta to join VO Whiting and Sons. It was here he met his wife, Ellen (Nell) Munro whom he married in 1949. Throughout the 1940s to the 1960s Carl carted stock, wool, supplies and general freight for many of the pastoral companies in north western South Australia, forging great friendships with the station people. On many occasions, rain or breakdown meant being stuck for days with only the 'bush telegraph' to contact anyone. A good toolbox, a full tucker box and a warm swag were always packed.

Over the years interstate work increased to service the growing mining and gas industries in the north west of Western Australia and Queensland. Carl also worked on major construction jobs such as the Santos Moomba Gas Plant and Olympic Dam mine in South Australia. Another memorable job for Carl was carrying much needed supplies to rebuild Darwin after cyclone Tracey. Throughout his career, Carl owned and operated a huge range of trucks including some of the iconic workhorses of the past such as Commer 'knocker', International KB6, a KB7, R180 and 184, Leyland Comets and AEC Mandators and Mammoth Majors.

In 2010, the Premier of South Australia acknowledged the vital service Carl has provided to the remote outback areas of the state and his contribution to the wool and stock industry. Carl retired in 1994 following an accident. He now lives on a small property at Wilmington in South Australia and one of his favorite memories of his truck driving days was working with his brother Ron (Podge) Gough who was also a life- long truck driver.


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