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Year: 2014

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Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2014.

Born in Bankstown, New South Wales in 1927 Alan Joseph Ross went to Darwin in 1949 to visit his brother John and look for work. In 1952 Alan married his wife Mary and they went on to have eight children. He found work as a truck-driver and from that day trucking became his life. In the earlier days one of his first trucks was an International which he bought from the Uniting Church. Alan also bought a Leyland Comet which he drove from Gove to Darwin in the 1960s.

For over 15 years Alan worked for Hannons a Darwin business built around waste management in Darwin. In the late 1960s Alan decided to open his own business. Alan Ross & Co was started and worked at a variety of carrying jobs including transporting building equipment around the Darwin area. In the early 1970s Alan carted a Sydney Williams hut from Smith Street in Darwin to Howards Springs. Building equipment was also transported to Francis Creek Iron Ore mine, when the mine was first opened in 1970. He also delivered the materials required to build the transmitting station for Radio Australia. In early years when the highway between Borroloola and Barkley highways were under construction, Alan transported food and goods for the Diionghan Corporation. Later, Alan drove local delivering bulk fuel for BP and worked many years delivering fuel to ships at Darwin wharf for transportation to the Gove mines before sea barge freight was introduced. When the cargo ships would come to Darwin, Alan also transported goods, timber and supplies to Bunnings and the many other supply stores in the Darwin region.

Alan worked in the trucking industry for over 50 years delivering fuel and goods to remote communities in the remotest parts of the top of the Northern Territory. He operated his business from King Street, Stuart Park. His sons followed him into the industry with the same passion for trucks as their father. In 2003, Alan passed away from Parkinsons disease. He will be remembered for his contribution to his industry by the truck parking bay near Katherine and his induction in the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame.


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