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Year: 2014

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Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2014.

Peter William Rogers was born in Rockhampton, Qld in 1935 on to the land. However, when he was around 25 that all changed when he started driving a single drive petrol Dodge for Harry Watson in the Hughenden area. The job mainly involved the carting of sheep and cattle back around the local area. The roads of the time were barely more than unmade corrugated goat tracks and it was hard work battling the dust, heat and flies in the dry weather and the muddy black soil plains in the wet season.

Peter then drove a single drive petrol Bedford for his brother-in- law, Don Brebner. His freight was once again carting cattle and sheep. Peter's most vivid memory while working for Don was when he looked in the passenger side mirror of the truck to see smoke bellowing out from underneath his cab. Braking hard to a stop, he had to run a couple of miles back to the last station he passed to alert the owner and fire brigade. There was no such things as radio or mobile phone in those days.

Peter then purchased an R-model Mack with a 250hp C-motor geared by a quad box followed soon after with a new Kenworth S2 giving him a fleet of two trucks which he used to cart stock, earthmoving plant and general freight. After the sale of Rogers Transport, Peter then went on to serve 25 years with W Brooks and Sons which later became Brooks Bros Transport operating out of Charleville, in remote western Queensland. Peter went on to cart livestock for several employers such as Leo Castles, Millers Transport and Paul Hansen Transport. Peter recalls the days when trucks were just 100hp and marvels now at the power of 700hp vehicles. He fondly remembers the days when there were few reg- ulations, less monitoring of trucks and their loads. Log books did not exist and drivers got by under their own skill and the mateship and support of their fellow truckies along the road.

Peter has retired from driving and is living in Longreach, Qld. His legacy lives on in both his sons, Lawrence and John, who remain in the industry today following in their father's footsteps.


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