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Year: 2014

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Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2014.

By the time he was three years of age Scott (Scotty) Reid had made it clear to his family he was going to be involved in all things heavy haulage after having his photo taken beside a Kenworth W900 towing a Drake 4X8 Dolly. To Scotty this was much more interesting than colouring in or singing at kindergarten. Taking as many opportunities as he could to travel with his father in a Mercedes Benz 1924 Benz towing two trailers young Scotty's his fascination with trailers grew. His mother was insistent that school had to come first!

Scotty got school out of the way as soon as he could and settled into his dream job; an apprenticeship at Drake Trailers building big tow loaders. He completed his apprenticeship as a fitter and welder and stayed on with Drakes for many years where he got to know and love the industry. Many relationships were formed during this time giving him the opportunity to experience a wide variety of things including operating earthmoving equipment, towing a variety of trailers and even doing a stint of two up driving with his father Allan in his 4964 Western Star.

Scotty then spent a lot of time with John Dymock (who became one of the most influential men in his life) driving a V8 Super- liner with a 2X8 Dolly and 4X8 Drake trailer. Scotty travelled all over Australia with his mechanical knowledge keeping himself and many others on the road. He later set up a Landcruiser ute to travel the country servicing, repairing and building drake trailers. It got to a point where he realized one ute and one man wasn't enough to service the heavy haulage industry satisfactorily, so a workshop was setup to assist the mobile service. Today Scott has a dozen people working for him in two workshops and a small earthmoving company. Scotty really is living his childhood dream.

Just about everybody in the heavy haulage industry knows to contact Scotty Reid, at Reid Engineering, for their repairs and modifications to Drake Trailers. The business is the only Drake authorized repairer in Australia except Drake Trailers.



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