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Year: 2014

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Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2014.

Anthony (Tony) Liddle was born at Hatches Creek in September 1940. In 1942, when he was just a toddler, he travelled with his mother and father and older brother Bob to Alice Springs where his father originally came from. Tony and his brother boarded at the convent school in Alice Springs and in 1951 they were sent to St Marys hostel and attended Hartley St public school in 1952. After leaving school in 1956 Tony went to work in a stock camp at Alcoota station. After leaving Alcoota Station he got his truck driver's licence in his father's Morris Commercial in 1957. Tony went on to spend most of his life in and around Alice Springs.

Tony's father, Milton Liddle, operated a small wood cutting and carrying business in Alice Springs and in 1958 Tony started work with him. Tony's two brothers Bob and Mick also drove for their father. They delivered rations and fuel to various remote aboriginal government settlements throughout Central Australia. After he left his father Tony began driving for Rosewall Construction and worked extending the old Alice Springs airstrip. Towards the end of 1960 Tony then went on to drive an old Blitz Chevrolet truck for Len Tuit carting passengers to and from the chalets at Palm Valley and Serpentine Lodge. Tony enjoyed working in the tourism industry and the passengers loved his personality and dedication to the job and their experience in Central Australia. Tony then went on to drive and operate machinery for Ingkerreke on Aboriginal outstations around central Australia for a further 13 years before retiring at the age 65.

Over his 47 years driving trucks Tony has seen many changes such as rutted bush tracks becoming formed bitumen roads, meaning that he could carry heavier payloads and travel faster. Tony was, and is, well respected throughout the region. He was a real gentleman of the road; a professional driver who always got through with the provisions despite the corrugations, rain, hail or bulldust.

There is no doubt that Tony Liddle has made a very significant contribution to the development of Central Australia.


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