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Year: 2014

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Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2014.

Peter Smith was born 1948 and spent his early years in Donald, Victoria. When he was a teenager he moved to Box Hill, Victoria to work as an apprentice diesel mechanic on transports. Even though young Peter enjoyed the work he didn't get to complete his apprenticeship. All he wanted to do was drive a truck. Over the years since there is no doubt Peter's mechanical knowledge got him and his fellow operators out of many highway breakdowns.

Peter eventually landed himself a job starting out as a 'jockey' in a logging truck working at Licola & Jamieson. After a few months doing this he started to drive the logging truck himself. Logging up the hills was quite hair raising at times and Peter welcomed the challenge. Peter then went on to drive a garbage truck with early starts and early finishes. This was a job Peter Smith really enjoyed especially at Christmas because everyone left out beer for him.

Peter decided to go into business for himself and bought his own truck, a Leyland Comet to subcontract for Cubico where he spent the next 18 years, four of them doing interstate work. While at Cubico Peter also worked at Bulkway and Tasway. He worked from the wharf delivering containers locally and into the surrounding country areas. Peter also done some changeovers as required. He can well remember carting containers from the Webb Dock to Warrnambool with Poppy Seeds (Opium). He also recalls that as an interstate driver he was awesome at power napping after a long trip and not even police sirens could wake him.

After the birth of his son, Peter drove a street sweeper locally for the Sandringham council before going back to Bulkway then to Brambles. In 1996 he moved to Qld to cart catering equipment for five years before going back to Melbourne and to Bulkway with Laurie Brown. In 2002 Peter started with Mick Cooper and in 2004 he started with Matthew Walford, doing local and country work.

Peter is still currently working for Matt Walford. At 66 years of age he still works every day and he has no interest of retiring yet.

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