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Year: 2013


Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2013.

Keith Sneath of Mt Gambier celebrates 50 years in the trucking industry in 2013.  He purchased his first truck, a V6 GM Bedford, in 1963 and started carting livestock, hay, and milk cans which he collected from local dairies to take to the Glencoe Co-Operative Cheese Factory. After unloading the milk cans, he would put on the stock crate then reload the milk cans at night for the following morning. Soon he had to hire drivers for three trucks.  On weekends he made extra money driving bulldozers or shearing sheep.

In 1964 he started a BP fuel agency to deliver fuel in 44 gallon drums to farms across the southeast of South Australia. He then started his general cartage service. His first load was boxed cheese from the Glencoe Co-Op Cheese Factory for export via Bothwick in Portland, Victoria.  He purchased his first semi in 1968, an Atkinson 6V71 Detroit diesel, and carted for NF McDonnell & Sons, timber for Woods & Forest, toilet paper for Apcel into Melbourne and Adelaide, and wool for farmers in the district to either Geelong or Portland.  At the age of 26 he had twenty trucks and was one of the first to introduce bulk milk into SA.

Keith sold Sneaths Transport to Allan Scott and worked for K&S Freighters in 1978. At this time he also purchased land and built industrial sheds around the township of Millicent and commenced the transporting of seed for Meggitts in Geelong. His next purchase, in 1982, was the Sussex Hotel in Walkerville, Adelaide which he ran with his wife Wendy for the next 3 years, before purchasing Kent Town Cellars selling products directly to hotels around Adelaide. Keith Sneath returned to Millicent, South Australia,  in 1992 when he purchased the Grand Hotel.

But, trucks and diesel, were in his blood and Keith yearned to get back into the trucking industry. He started working for Allan Scott at Sneaths Freightlines in 1990 as managing director until 2004. Keith then worked with Lindsay Brothers in Adelaide, before returning to Mt Gambier to start his own business K&M Logistics. A change of ownership in 2012 saw the commencement of S&S Logistics Pty Ltd. Keith has given many people in the trucking industry opportunities that they may not have had without him giving them a chance.

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