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Year: 2013


Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2013.

Phillip Eric Teggins was born in 1944 in Sydney and is married to Jenny.  He started in the transport industry as a sub-contractor with IPEC on the 11 March 1966. He drove a Commer for a while before becoming a line-haul driver. For most of his driving career Phil worked for either IPEC or Kwikasair but enjoyed short periods with smaller companies such as Transtar, Bunker, Mills Transport, Arrows and Tantusk Transport.

Travelling many a mile across the country, Phil saw his career unfold through multiple trip locations. Some of which included Sydney to Albury, Albury to Glen Innes, Sydney to Canberra, Sydney to Melbourne, Sydney to Adelaide, Sydney to Kimba changeover, Sydney to Perth, Sydney to Mildura, Sydney and on to Gladstone and all points in between.  Not long before his retirement Phil enjoyed travelling all over Queensland doing special deliveries to the mines which include destinations such as Mt. Isa, Boulia, Emerald, Phosphate Hill, Kajabbi, Dysart, Moranbah, Longreach and Mt. Morgan.

Phil called many types of truck his office over the years  from B-Doubles all the way down to light rigids of all shapes and sizes.  These included Scanias, Macks and Kenworths back to Atkinsons and Commers in earlier years. Phil tested the first prototype Scania 'Super 80' prime-mover to go overnight for IPEC Line Haul Services. He became a pioneer licence holder upon introduction of the B-double licensing program Australia-wide. Phil is proud that IPEC gave him the responsibility of driving the first B-Double run from Sydney to Brisbane.

Like many drivers in the early days Phil would carry out repairs to his vehicle on the roadside. On one occasion the Commer motor was completely rebuilt near Dubbo, New South Wales. Phil assisted many drivers with repairs.  His trade as a mechanic provided a sound basis to guide him throughout his career and support his driving prowess. Phil was also known for helping friends and strangers alike. He still bears the scars on his hands from a burn that developed through helping two ladies whose radiator had boiled. Phil gallantly refilled their radiator to ensure they safely reached their destination.

Phil collected several nicknames including Fabulous Phil, Teararse Teggins, Turntable Teggo, Turbo Teggo, Soft Lips, Plastic Chook with Fred Gardner from IPEC affectionately calling him Koala Bear. Phil  retired in 2012 and now enjoys tinkering with his EH  and WB utes.



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