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Year: 2013


Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2013.

Brian (Digger) Carmody was born in Leongatha, Vic, in  December, 1949. Upon leaving school he completed a motor mechanics apprenticeship but always yearned to be a truck driver. When Brian finished his apprenticeship in 1969 he immediately started driving trucks. His first driving job was with J.E. Poulton of Berwick, Victoria carting paper out of the Bowater-Scott factory to Sydney and Brisbane.  In the four years Brian did this job he tied down so many loads  he claims to have become an expert in tarping.

Brian then spent the next three years driving interstate for various companies before getting his 'dream job' working for Mecho Constructions towing a float and transporting heavy and oversized machinery all over Australia. During the next six years this job took Brian over some of the roughest and most remote roads in Australia to isolated mining communities and massive construction and infrastructure work sites. Looking for a change in pace Brian took a job with John Nash carting glass from Melbourne to Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Carmdal Transport was formed when Brian decided to be his own boss and become an owner/driver and work for himself. He bought a second-hand cab over Kenworth and commenced carting oversize and general freight all over Australia. He knew the highways well and had earned a reputation as a professional heavy haulier during his years with Mecho Construction.  His services were highly sought after. As work increased and the old Kenworth wore out Brian  upgraded to a Ford  LNT Louisville and later another cab over Kenworth. Brian  then went on to sub-contract to Brambles Tankers for some time before purchasing a Mack Superliner to cart cotton in roadtrain combination
In 2004 Brian decided to go back to being a company driver and took a job with JF & LM Sheppard Pty. Ltd. in Geelong, Victoria. He drove an Aerodyne Kenworth towing a set of B-Double Tautliners from Geelong to Portland and back each night subcontracting for WRL Logistics. In March 2007, Brian suffered a stroke in Sheppard's workshop and spent the next four months in a coma. It was a traumatic time for all concerned. Fortunately Brian survived but the stoke severely affected movement in his left arm and leg and he now relies on a motorised wheelchair to get about. The disability has not impacted his interest or enthusiasm for the road transport industry.

Today, in 2013, Brian is 63 years old and has been in the transport industry for nearly 45 years. He has worked in all areas of transport - as a mechanic, driver and owner-operator. He is still employed by JF and LM Sheppard on permanent workcover and loves his job.  Brian continues to take a keen interest in the business and is up to date with everything related to road transport in this country. Brian is well respected in the industry.


Shell Rimula Wall of Fame

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