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Year: 2019

JEFFREY SIMMONS is known as Jeff or 'Garden Gnome' because he " isn't the tallest person around". He was born in 1949 in New South Wales. His two older brothers were both involved with the trucking industry and Jeff soon decided to follow suit. Initially he drove for a few local companies before trying his hand at interstate which he found he had a natural aptitude for.

Over the years Jeff went on to drive many trucks including Mercedes Benz, International, Kenworth and Mack carrying general cartage and various gases. He travelled locally and interstate and would sometimes be away for days before coming back home again.

Jeff was well known along the highways and enjoyed the camaraderie of his fellow truckies he met along the way. Jeff says his best memories are of the friends he made with many becoming lifelong mates. Jeff really enjoyed the time he and his two older brothers worked for the same company. He loves being accepted as a member of the trucking industry although, he recalls it wasn't always easy.

"It was hard and sometimes back breaking work but it was also the days when you would always stop and help other drivers in trouble."

Jeff says the best part of his trucking career was changing from general cartage to driving various gas tankers which became his speciality. His last job in the transport industry was working with BOC gases (formally CIG) driving the gas tankers. BOC itself is one of the worlds iconic companys having been formed initially in 1886 in France by the Brin brothers as BRINS OXYGEN COMPANY. With a change in ownership the name was but was changed to BRITISH OXYGEN COMPANY in 1906.

Jeff was sad to leave the industry to retire. To this day, he says he still misses the friendships and the experiences he had while exploring this wonderful country. There have been major changes in truck technology and road conditions over Jeff's career.

Jeff passed away just before the reunion. He enjoyed his retirement spending time with his wife Joan and his grandchildren. Jeffery is remembered as a real gentleman of the highway.

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