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Year: 2012


Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2012.

Wilfred Robert (Bob) Bruce Watterson was born 1938, in Orange NSW, and was raised on a dairy farm at Spring Hill. Bob ventured off managing properties and working in the agricultural industry for many years before setting his sights on the transport industry.

Bob started out driving an old AB International for Bollans Transport in Dubbo carting vegetables to the Sydney markets before moving onto driving stock crates for Finemores and Thompson Bros also out of Dubbo.

Bob married Edna Carpenter in 1961 and they now have two sons and a daughter and seven grandkids.

They moved to Gunnedah in 1975, and Bob peddled a car carrier between Melbourne and Brisbane for a couple of years for Neville Foster, from Gunnedah.

Bob and Edna purchased a 1418 Mercedes Benz in 1975 commencing business as Wattersons Transport. A new red and white Kenworth powered with a GM 6V92  and fitted with a 15 speed Roadranger was next in 1977. Other trucks over the years included Kenworths, a White Road Boss and an International S-line. All were cab-over models and all were powered by Cummins.

Bob's second new truck was his pride and joy. It was a Fleetliner Mack powered by a 410HP Renault motor and 18 speed Roadranger.

After 35 years Bob and Edna retired and sold their depot on Mullaley Road.  They recall the memorable things: a life-like doll falling from a tree and scaring Bob before he realised it was a prank, the bales that collapsed and fell from the truck while relaxing after the family's Sunday roast at home and the time he waved back at a car load of pretty girls only to realise they were trying to tell him his truck was on fire.

The best memories are of mateship and the help fellow truckies willingly gave.  The worst are of government changes to regulations and taxes, the price of fuel and registration and the time schedules.

Bob has shared hundreds of stories over the years. He says it is great to have known and worked with so many gentlemen of the industry over his years in transport. Bob himself is known as a man of studious morals and sober habits and well deserves his place in the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame.


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