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Year: 2019

NOEL PENROSEnicknamed Snowy, was born in November 1947 in Melbourne Victoria. He is happily married with three sons. Noel grew up in the trucking industry and there was little doubt truck driving was in his blood just like his father. As a teen Noel loved going on trips with his father Basil and family friend Keith Stevens who eventually put him behind the wheel of a semi tipper at just 16 years of age. From that day you could tell he was a natural, "born to drive trucks".

Noel's illustrious truck driving career began in 1965 at the age of 18. His first job was with Don Wilson's furniture as a company driver moving furniture on a Melbourne to Mildura run in a Bedford for two years. He then worked for five years with Cec Thompson driving interstate in a R-190 International. He also did a 10 year period of employment with Wettenhalls where his father Basil Penrose also worked. Prior to this Noel worked for 12 months with TransLink driving a 1418 Benz and did a 12 months stint with Selwoods driving interstate in a 1924 Mercedes Benz Melbourne to Brisbane.

While he was working for Wettenhalls Noel ran did Melbourne - Sydney every week in a 903 S2 Kenworth followed by a 400Hp Cummins powered Mack and later, a Transtar. From Wettenhalls Noel worked for four years with Travellos in a cab over Kenworth driving Melbourne to Brisbane often three times a week. He then worked for for five years with Pearce's Bulk Cement which then became Dypano's where he drove Melbourne to Newcastle , and Melbourne to Roma.

Noel's last place of employment was with Blue Circle where he stayed for 30 years. During this time he drove a Freightliner and Western Star interstate to several destinations. Noel was forced to retire from truck driving last year at the age of 71 due to health issues. By then he had driven up and down the highway for 54 years.

With an his strong work ethic and impeccable driving record Noel is a recognised as a well respected gentleman of the highway who was always ready to give a mate a helping hand. Noel was inducted into the Old Truckies Wall of Fame in 2014.

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