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Year: 2019

LINDSAY MURRY was born on in 1938 in Mackay, Queensland. With aspirations to become a truck driver he obtained his open truck driving license in 1958 and seeking employment, moved from Mackay to Canberra in 1959. Here, he found a job with iconic national road carrier Mayne Nickless. By 1964, he was doing overnight line haul driving between Canberra and Sydney. He drove a single drive 1418 Mercedes Benz's for twelve years.

During these years of service Lindsay received recognition for his outstanding contribution to the company as evidenced in September 1973, when he was awarded recognition for having completed one and a quarter million accident free miles, together with 10 years of exemplary service. Since this award he has driven many more accident free miles until his retirement in 2004. An outstanding record!

In 1972 Lindsay became the Canberra Depot Manager, a position he held for three years. During this time his peers formed a strong respect for Lindsay, owing to his professional driving attitude, faultless overnight transit times, and his affable easy going nature. Lindsay took great pride in being at the front gate each work morning before the arrival of depot staff. Lindsay never failed to be there and was never late. His drivers were his priority. Arriving at the gate early was his signature and teh drivers appreciated it. Lindsay has a reputation to this day, as being one of, if not the best, line haul drivers on the road.

In 1976 Lindsay purchased his own Kenworth cab over prime mover, and continued performing line haul as a haulier for Mayne Nickless until the company's withdrawal from transport in 1983. On Mayne Nickless' closure of their transport operations Lindsay continued to work within the industry performing independent sub-contractor services for Abblett and Marshall Transport until retirement in 2004.

In 2019, Lindsay is retired and still lives in his hometown of Mackay. he still likes to keep his hand in behind the steering wheel, and at the age 81, he still works as a station hand on a Mackay cattle property. An old school truckie with old school values Lindsay is still remembered as a legend of the highways.

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