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Year: 2012


Inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame at ReUnion 2012.

Stephen Groves was always known out on the road as Groover and most didn't even know his real name.  At the time of his death he was working for O'Sullivans Transport in Elmore but before that he'd chalked up experience driving for several other companies including Lewingtons, Goikers Transport and J&P Transport.

Groover first started driving trucks before he was able to even obtain his licence but was out on the road legally and proudly from the moment he was licensed. He worked with John Pleitner from J&P Transport who tells a great story of teaching Groover to drive a 13 speed. When Groover brought the truck home after the first time he'd driven it he was less than impressed with its performance. He told John it was a piece of rubbish and that he should take it back. John proceeded to draw a diagram of the gearbox so that Stephen could work it out and that was all it took.  He never had a problem after that and even got to like the truck.

Groover carted livestock most of his working life. It takes a special man to do that; a man who has to be a mix of driver, mechanic, vet and bushman.  Groover was all of that and a bit of an outback character as well.  He carted all over Australia driving single, double or triple roadtrains.  If anyone pulled into a roadhouse where he'd stopped and mentioned his name they would soon be told some wonderful yarns of the many experiences Groover shared with other transport operators.

When speaking of his earlier days of driving, Groover would always comment on how the mateship on the road was second to none, and no matter how hard someone tried to convince him, he still believed that the log book working hours were doing more harm than good.

Groover was renowned on the road as a caring person who would stop to give anyone a hand to load, help with the maintenance on their trucks, care for sick cattle, or just to have a chat.

Groover left behind a wife, seven children and step children and a great many achievements within the industry. He well deserves his place here on the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame.



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