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John Miller has penned an excellent account of the life of Broken Hill’s Gary Radford. Gary was the third generation of the iconic Radford family who have been integral to the development and prosperity of Broken Hill. Over the past 100 years, the Radford family has been involved in trucking, aviation, mining, earthmoving, building, property and many other businesses which provided the township with jobs and helped the town to flourish. Gary Radford, known as Ripper to his mates, was born in 1941. His father, Reginald Radford was killed in action in New Guinea and his mother, deeply affected by the tragedy, was unable to care for her son. Gary was raised by both sets of grandparents who fostered the traits of hard work, ingenuity and community spirit. Gary was tireless in his working life, starting one business after another and always succeeding in whatever he put his mind to. Gary continued the family tradition of giving back to the community and his charity work and involvement with community projects was immense. Nothing seemed to happen in Broken Hill without the Radford family having some input! The Radford family are known for their commitment and loyalty to family, business and the community they live in, a legacy which Gary’s children continue to this day. “Ripper” is such an interesting read, interspersed with numerous photos.

Softcover - 182 pages.

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