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Shell Rimula Wall of Fame

Our objective with the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame is to highlight the contribution that road transport, as an industry, has made to the economic well being of Australia through the development of our wealth producing industries and the ingenuity of our trucking pioneers. It is our aim, through inducting pioneers to our Shell Rimula Wall of Fame, to show that road transport is much more than just the blokes who drive the trucks. While they certainly deserve every pat they get on the back there are many others in the industry who need to be recognised also.

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143 results

AVERY Roy, (2005)

BARRY Bill, (2005)

BROWN Ron, (2005)

CAHILL Joe, (2005)

COX Lionel, (2005)

DAVID Dick, (2005)

DAWS Kevin, (2005)

DAY David, (2005)

DAY John, (2005)

DICK Vern, (2005)

DYER Leon, (2005)

DYER Myra, (2005)

EVANS Don, (2005)

HOWARD Les, (2005)

HOWIE Ian, (2005)

HUNT Lloyd, (2005)

IRVINE Sam, (2005)

KELLY Ian, (2005)

LEGGE Ron, (2005)

LEVER Alan, (2005)

LORI Evan, (2005)

MAY Kevin, (2005)

NYHUS John, (2005)

RUDD Geoff, (2005)

RYAN Frank, (2005)

SALI Haset, (2005)

SEALEY Bob, (2005)

SHIEL Rex, (2005)

SMITH Don, (2005)

STOW Ray, (2005)

WALKER Des, (2005)

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