According to the Complete Encyclopedia of Commercial Vehicles, Republic manufactured trucks in America from 1913 to 1929.They were the largest truck makers in the year 1918-1919, but they had some financial issues in the 1920s and they merged with the commercial vehicle side of the American-La France Company to form La France-Republic Corporation in 1929. American-La France manufactured fire engines successfully, however their commercial truck side was less successful, and the merger with Republic gave them access to the large Republic dealer network. However La France-Republic struggled to find a market share in spite of the introduction of the ‘supertruck’ 6 wheeled Mogul in 1931. This had 240hp, V12 engine, top speed 60 km per hour and a 20 ton payload. In 1932 La France-Republic was taken over by the Sterling Motor Truck Company of Milwaukee., who used the La France-Republic badge on some of the Sterling models until 1942.